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That’s where she met “a great physical therapist and a great occupational therapist cheap 80 mg tadapox overnight delivery erectile dysfunction niacin. Farr had grab bars and railings installed safe 80 mg tadapox erectile dysfunction causes cancer, but she espe- cially appreciated their ideas about making it easier to stand up from chairs: her muscular dystrophy impedes efforts to rise from low heights. Now I only sit in those chairs because I can get up from them with ease. If I drop something on the floor, like my granddaughter’s toy, I can pick it up with a reacher. Or if my shoes are far away from me, I can pull my shoes to me with another little device. Stanley Nathan feels that home interventions are one place where occupational therapy is clearly not only good for patients but also saves money. She was tripping because she had all this stuff in her house, all these little carpets. An occupational therapist did a home safety assessment to help keep her from falling again. With man- aged care, it’s one of those things that people actually feel is cost- effective—looking for things we could do at home to prevent falls that might lead to hip fractures. Sally Ann Jones was not happy with the physical therapist who visited her. I called the PT department at the hospital near me, and a PT comes to my house and looks at the prescription. The prescription says ‘strength- ening exercises, range of motion, and gait training. Jones’s functional deficit, standing up, bal- ancing, turning to use the toilet. A good physical therapist would have evaluated the situation and customized treatment, but this therapist did not. Jones’s experiences raise questions about the quality of care of therapists making home visits. Home-care therapists are frequently really fine people, but they’re isolated from any feedback. In home care, they can’t really get good oversight, and anyway doctors don’t know how to give a PT order. A good therapist actually makes diagnoses and individualizes the treatment. One woman in her mid forties who has had rheumatoid arthri- tis for over two decades observed, Over the years I have learned how hard it is to find physical thera- pists and exercise trainers who really understand how to put to- gether a realistic, comprehensive fitness program for people with disabilities or limitations. Most professionals and programs are ori- ented toward people who are recovering from injuries that improve over time, not chronic problems that require a different approach or activity almost on a daily basis to prevent harm. Very few exercise programs are designed to address the problems that many people with disabilities have. Many pools have ladders that are very Physical and Occupational Therapy / 177 painful to use if you have trouble gripping things and problems with painful feet. The pounding and repetitive motion of aerobics and typical exercise programs are completely out of the realm of possi- bility.

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Providing written material is one way of help­ ing to meet this need and involving clients in decision making buy 80 mg tadapox erectile dysfunction by age statistics. However purchase 80 mg tadapox otc erectile dysfunction 4xorigional, both professionals and clients have expressed concern about the quality of some of this information. The following chapter looks at how the writing and presentation of written leaflets may be improved. Getting started Most written material benefits from a team approach to its development, writing and production. Useful members might include: ° clinicians with relevant experience ° researchers or academics with knowledge of current research relevant to the subject matter ° persons with writing experience ° representative(s) from the users (clients, clinicians, administrative staff) ° persons with design experience. Your team will need to: ° establish the aims or objectives of the leaflet ° identify the target audience ° decide on the content, format and presentation of the material ° choose the manner of production and distribution 93 94 WRITING SKILLS IN PRACTICE ° determine how and when the material will be evaluated ° cost the development, production, distribution and evaluation. Planning the content of your leaflet Your choice of content will be determined by your objectives, your target audience and your evidence base. The purpose of written ma­ terial is usually one of the following: ° to increase awareness ° to motivate ° to change attitudes ° to change behaviour ° to teach a new behaviour ° to teach a new skill ° to offer support and advice ° to give information. Your aims will affect the type of information you choose and the way in which you present it. You need to define your target audience so that you can make the informa­ tion in your leaflet relevant and useful to them. They may share an illness or other condition, or they may be linked in some other way, for example attending the same GP practice. Find out about age, gender, ethnic group, and any special needs like low literacy skills or a sensory impairment. Once you are clear about your audience, you can start to identify their information needs. For example, at what point in the care process or stage of their illness would that type of information be useful? It would also be invalu­ able to have their views on other written material they have used. There are various ways of canvassing the views of clients (along with family and carers). These include using: INFORMATION LEAFLETS FOR CLIENTS 95 ° questionnaires ° interviews 1 ° focus groups ° representatives from voluntary organisations or self-help groups ° representatives of local ethnic minorities. Establish your evidence base Look for evidence on: ° need ° best practice ° current theory. Research other publications Find out about written leaflets that have already been produced for your client group. You may find that there is perfectly adequate information al­ ready published but not accessible to your clients. For instance, a lot of very good work is produced at a local level or by other associated agencies like social services. It may be more cost-effective to buy in this material than trying to re-invent the wheel yourself. Alternatively you may want to adapt ideas from other leaflets for the needs of your specific client group. For example, an interactive diary for­ mat used by one client group might be modified for another. Even reading leaflets where you feel the information is inadequate, incorrect or poorly presented is of use to you in your planning. Consult the users Users are not just the clients but also the clinicians and administrative staff who would be using the material. A facilitator using a set agenda of topics and questions runs groups of up to ten people.

A list of any queries will be sent to you cheap 80mg tadapox visa erectile dysfunction treatment protocol, and the manuscript will be amended according to your responses effective tadapox 80 mg erectile dysfunction losartan. Once the queries have been dealt with, your manuscript becomes the final agreed draft. This is sent to the production department for the design work and preparation for typesetting. Changes once a manuscript has been typeset are costly and may delay publication. Any alterations not in the agreed final draft will almost certainly have to be paid for by you. This is why it is essential to have completed and thoroughly checked your manuscript before you agree it as the final draft. Once the proofs have been dealt with, the next stage is printing the book. Your publisher should be able to give you some idea of the timescale for this. You can then sit back and await the immense satisfaction of seeing your work in print. Instead find a corner that you can make your own and use only for writing. In this way you will start to make a psychological link between this place and the act of writing. You will then find that you have a piece of work you can refine and develop, rather than a blank piece of paper. You may falter in your writing due to a lack of information or an unclear plan. Write in short blocks with a specific goal in mind, such as completing a section or writing a summary. You will be fresher in your review when you come back to it at a later stage. It will be at least 20 minutes before you are fully focused on the task. Stop when your writing is going well, not when you are beginning to struggle with it. You will then have something to do immediately at the start of your next session, for instance writing out a list or putting in headings. Try small rewards for your small goals and a very big reward for meeting one of your major goals. First a description of yourself (‘the author’) and second, a description of the book. Description of the author Your publisher will require a brief résumé about yourself and any co-authors. This information will be used by the publisher in any advertis­ ing material and will also appear on the book cover. Details might include: 300 WRITING SKILLS IN PRACTICE ° your full name, title and details of qualifications ° your present job title and place of employment if you want this to be included ° three or four lines of information about you that will be of interest to the reader – this will include any experience or knowledge that qualifies you to write on the subject of your book.

With the so-called Osteoprofiler System—reaming or rasping explicitly is not wanted here—no vital living bone is sacrificed in the metaphyseal part of the femur generic tadapox 80mg erectile dysfunction fertility treatment. On the contrary purchase tadapox 80mg erectile dysfunction brochure, the cancellous structures present are compressed (con- densed) to guarantee optimum stress transmission (stress introduction) This point, last but not least, has been a learning result of our earlier experiences with numerous revision operations, quite often associated with considerable bone defects (osteolysis) and general periprosthetic bone loss. Therefore, to pay attention to these facts, we say: “During each primary opera- tion—and also after every revision—a subsequent intervention must be borne in mind. Load and stress-transfer should occur exclusively in the intertrochanteric region, whereas a distal “press-fit” of the prosthe- sis stem is avoided for the primary implantation (Fig. The principle of bone-preserving-implantation techniques is pursued similarly on the acetabular side. The Plasmacup press-fit-anchoring method with expansion fixing at the cortical socket aperture level and a press-fit contact also follows the same principle of bone preservation and bone reconstruction. Thus, the Bicontact system represents a family consisting of various members with a basic generic design [6,7]. Conclusion Summarising this chapter underlines Judet’s saying “experience means learning from failures. As men- Joint-Preserving and Joint-Replacing Procedures Compared 145 tioned earlier, at least 10 to 15 years of results in a uniform group of patients is required to achieve an honest statement on the performance of a procedure. Finally, however, we must realize and confess that “Lasting stabilization of endoprostheses still remains an unsolved problem! The indication for joint replacement should be restricted to those situations where joint-conserving treatment cannot help. Case example 1 (upper): osteotomy in 1978 followed by total hip arthroplasty (THA) 20 years later. Case example 2 (lower): posttraumatic joint reconstruction in 1983 and situation 13 years later 146 S. Diagnostik makroskopischer, histologischer und radiologischer Strukturveränderungen des Skeletts, 2nd Aufl. Bombelli R (1976) Osteochondritis of the hip: pathogenesis and consequent therapy. Asmuth T, Bachmann J, Eingartner C, et al (1998) Results with the cementless Bicon- tact stem: multicenter study of 553 cases. Eingartner C, Volkmann R, Winter E, et al (2001) Results of a cementless titanium alloy straight femoral shaft prosthesis after 10 years of follow-up. Song W S, Yoo JJ (2004) Experience with the Bicontact revision stems with distal interlocking. Blömer W, Fink U (1997) Biomechanische Aspekte zementfreier Revisionsendopro- thesen des Hüftgelenks: eine biomechanische Analyse der Verankerungssituation im Falle von Primär- und Revisionsschäften. Eingartner C, Heigele T, Dieter J, et al (2003) Long-term results with the Bicontact System: aspects to investigate and to learn from. Flamme C, Wirth CJ, Stukenborg-Colsmann C (2001) Charakteristik der Lernkurve bei der Hüfttotalendoprothese am Beispiel der Bicontact-Prothese. Int Orthop 27(suppl 1):2–6 Twenty Years of Experience with the Bernese Periacetabular Osteotomy for Residual Acetabular Dysplasia 1 2 Reinhold Ganz and Michael Leunig Summary. Residual acetabular dysplasia is known as the most frequent cause of early osteoarthritis of the hip. The degeneration starts with overload of the rim, leading to a variety of pathologies. This change may cause the femoral head to migrate further out of the socket, resulting in a loss of congruity and generating even higher pressure point loading, which finally leads to rapid destruction of the joint. It is well accepted today that the surgical increase of the load transmission area can slow down this process of destruction and postpone total hip replacement (THR) substantially. Among the different techniques available, reorientation procedures allow for the most physiological correction of the joint mechanics.

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